šŸ’” Inspire and prepare others to lead more effectively

šŸ’”Build Jesus-centered relationships 

šŸ’” Foster positive family dynamics

šŸ’” Drive optimal team performance

šŸ’” Create organizational success



Based on the Most Widely Used Behavioral Model in the World 
& on Biblical Research
The DISC model has helped millions of people improve communication, productivity, team building, leadership, and relationships at work and home.
Why can't we all just get along?
Conflict driven by personality differences happens all the time.

At work.  At home.  At school.  At church.  On vacation.

Biblical DISCĀ® uses both research and Biblical truth to help answer why we are so different, what's so special about those differences,  and how accurate self-awareness and an accurate understanding of others will help solve conflict and build strong personal and professional relationships.

A study of 486 publicly traded companies found that self-awareness impacts companiesā€™ bottom line and it's a difference-maker in how effectively individuals managed others. Sadly,  only 10-15% of us are highly self-aware!

Biblical DISCĀ® for Organizations




The most common use for DISC in organizations is to strengthen teams by building stronger relationships, leading to greater team and organizational results. In addition to team building, DISC is also an excellent tool to build better communications, increase sales results, improve management and coaching effectiveness, resolve internal conflicts and develop leaders with a servant heart. 

Certified DISC Practitioners offer hands-on, team- oriented workshops on these topics, ranging in length from half day up to two full days. 




The ONE Leadership Quality

You Can't Afford to Ignore

Become a Certified 
Biblical DISCĀ® Practitioner

If you have the desire to help others understand themselves and others better, and use that knowledge to drive optimal performance, then become a Certified DISC Practitioner.

Learn how to use Biblical DISCĀ® Assessments in your faith-based work, and use the Classic DISC Behavioral Assessments in the marketplace.  The most important benefit of the DISC model is creating ā€œpeople smartsā€ - helping individuals understand the language of DISC to build Jesus-centered relationships at work and at home. Flourishing and authentic relationships will, in turn, unleash trust, excellence, execution and creativity.

Prerequisite to attending a Biblical DISC Practitioner Certification: Complete a Biblical DISC Practitioner Application 

As a Certified Practitioner, Access Various Team and Collaboration Reports!


Get a snapshot of your entire team and learn how to tap into the natural strengths of every single individual.
So I have my DISC report. What's NEXT?

The report, though detailed, is only the tip of the iceberg.  You have multiple options for utilizing DISC for greater personal and organizational impact. Consider registering for a one-on-one coaching session, or you and your spouse may request a counseling session with one of our Certified Practitioners.   Host a couples workshop at your church, bring a team building or leadership workshop in your organization or become a Certified DISC Practitioner.  Our DISC solutions are a great fit for:            

  • Local church
  • Faith-based Nonprofits
  • Mission Boards / Denominations
  • Schools / Universities
  • Business owners
  • Faith-led Organizations


Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. H. Dale Burke
Adjunct Faculty - Dallas Theological Seminary

Biblical DISC is a "key" to unlock a "treasure chest" of self-awareness and wisdom for healthy relationships!

Nancy Reece

Executive Development Coach and Adjunct Faculty, Lipscomb University Graduate School of Business 

I have used a variety of behavioral style assessments over my career as a consultant, executive coach, and adjunct professor.  I have not seen another assessment that has close to the same positive impact for change as the Biblical DISC.  It is a powerful tool that enables my students and clients to set goals for their own personal and professional development as leaders

Get a snapshot of one-on-one work relationships and learn how you can better collaborate with one another.
Engaged? Married? Get a snapshot of your individual styles side-by-side and learn ways to communicate more effectively.




What others are saying about 
Biblical DISCĀ® Assessment


What's unique about Biblical DISCĀ®?

The Biblical DISC Assessment establishes a foundation for building the loving relationships that Jesus envisioned;.

We've expanded the very useful Classic DISC model to include a biblical analysis of your behavioral style.   In your report you will learn about the people from the Bible who demonstrated similar behavioral characteristics. In keeping with our mission to help you lead like Jesus, we'll also show you how Jesus modeled each behavioral trait perfectly. 

Learn how to use Biblical DISC 
in your coaching, consulting, counseling, and training!

Become a Certified BiblicalĀ® DISC Practitioner to gain:

šŸ’” In-depth understanding of the DISC Model and Theory of Human Behavior

šŸ’” Proficiency in DISC Graph Analysis and Assessment Interpretation

šŸ’” Essential Knowledge of using DISC for Coaching and Training Applications

šŸ’” Know-how to apply the DISC Information in the Biblical DISC and Classic DISC Assessments to Personal and Organizational Needs

šŸ’” Comprehensive Instruction on Correlating DISC Behaviors to Biblical Characters

šŸ’” Access to Trainer materials including Training manuals, Participant materials, PPTs, and Coaching Guides

Business Leaders. Trainers. Coaches. Managers. Consultants. Church Leaders. HR Professionals.

ANYONE who wants to help inspire and equip others to lead like Jesus by applying the Biblical DISCĀ® to their coaching, consulting, or training efforts. 

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